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Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge

BRISK is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities)


Case Studies A-G

Amal Al Rahbi of the University of Leeds, UK, visits ENEA, Italy

This article discusses the positive impact of BRISK Transnational Access on PhD research.

Morgane Bellec of École Centrale de Lille, France, visits Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

This case study shows how BRISK Transnational Access can inspire a researcher to further their scientific career.

Daniel Bernhardt of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, visits Åbo Akademi University, Finland

This article describes the benefits of working with a highly skilled team at another institution.

Paula Blanco of Leeds University in the UK, visits the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)

This case study takes us through the BRISK process from start to finish.

Ludwig Briesemeister of the Institute for Energy Systems at the Technical University of Munich in Germany visits ETC Piteå, Sweden

This case study demonstrates the positive impact on future research activities that BRISK Transnational Access can provide.

Melih Soner Çeliktaş of the Solar Energy Institute at Ege University in Turkey, visits ENEA, Italy

This study describes the benefits of making contacts across institutions in the field.

Nadia Cerone of ENEA in Italy visits the Gas Turbine Research Centre at Cardiff University, UK

This article illustrates the ways in which BRISK Transnational Access can facilitate inter-institution collaboration as well as enhancing individual experience.

Elias Christoforou of Frederick University in Cyprus visits the European Bioenergy Research Institute, Aston University, UK

This case study demonstrates the value of international cooperation.

Andrea Colantoni of the University of Tuscia in Italy visits BIOENERGY 2020+, Austria

This article discusses the scientific developments that can be made through BRISK Transnational Access, and how undertaking this kind of work can be the catalyst for continuing on in the field.

Ana María Cortés of Aston University in the UK visits the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) labs in Sweden

This study offers a description of the rewards - both scientific and personal - of taking the opportunity to work within a different organisation, and the ease and speed with which the application process can be completed. 

Gözde Duman of Ege University in Turkey visits the European Bioenergy Research Institute at Aston University, UK

This study discusses the benefits of new perspectives on ongoing research.

Andreas Gredinger of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, visits CIUDEN, Spain

This case study illustrates how BRISK Transnational Access can be a vital part of long term work.