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Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge

BRISK is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities)



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9. What are the eligibility criteria for funding?

  1. Individual users must be based in organizations within the European Research Area comprised of the EU Member States plus Associated States and Candidate Countries (this includes Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey).
  2. A user-group is composed of a team of researchers who must have a team leader with the majority of its members based in organizations within the European Research Area.

10. What grant is available for eligible researchers?

A standard rate of up to 1400 Euros will be normally applied to each project, covering airfare, lodging, meal allowance and local transportation for all eligible members of the group (see question 9 above).

11. Who will pay for the consumables and chemicals in the laboratory which will be used during my experiments at the BRISK facility?

This will be covered by the host organisation through the access costs that are met through the European Commission (EC) through the project.

12. I am based outside the European Research Area and would like to access a BRISK partner as an individual. Is this possible and how do I apply?

Please contact the project manager for details on the appropriate procedure.