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Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge

BRISK is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities)


Results from Visit

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28. Confidentiality – do I need to share my results following my visit?

All results achieved through the application of EC funding for Transnational Access must be placed in the public domain. The options for achieving this should be discussed with the host. Private research work is not eligible for EC public funding.

29. Do I need to write a report following my visit? What is the time period?

Yes, you will need to write a report following your visit and submit it to the host, as well as the Project Manager, Andrew Martin at andrew.martin@energy.kth.se. Your report will need to be submitted within 4 weeks of your visit.

Report requirements as follows:

  • Between 300 and 500 words of text summarizing your visit, the facilities you used, overview of your experiment, results and findings;
  • Maximum of 4 relevant images/photographs/figures, plus captions. All images should be sent as separate high resolution files (preferably in jpeg format, at least 1MB);
  • Photo of yourself, preferably at the facility you visited (high resolution, minimum of 1MB in size).

30. What will happen with the results I share with BRISK?

Your report may be included in BRISK News, the online newsletter which is circulated to industry, academia, research institutes and government bodies.

It may also be used for case study material to be included on the main BRISK website.

31. Can I publish my results in a scientific journal, instead of submitting a report to BRISK?

You are encouraged to publish your results and findings in addition to (not in place of) the report submitted to BRISK.
All publications should include a statement acknowledging that the research was funded in part by BRISK, a European Commission Capacities Project in the 7th Framework Programme.