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Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge

BRISK is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities)


Who Can Apply

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1. My organisation is not a BRISK partner – can I apply?

Yes, anyone inside or outside of the project can apply.

2. What type of researchers can apply? From which industry sectors?

Researchers from industry, academia, research institutes and government bodies can apply.

3. What is the minimum qualification required to apply?

Applicants and members of the research team should have at least a first level (BSc) degree in a relevant science or engineering discipline.

4. I am currently a MSc student. Can I apply for Transnational Access in BRISK?

Yes, both MSc and PhD students can apply (as well as established researchers). You should arrange for an academic staff member to act as a supervisor, and to assist in drafting a proposal. Internships, thesis projects, and PhD-level research can be combined with Transnational Access.

5. Is BRISK open to applicants from outside the European Region?

Yes, however there are eligibility requirements in terms of funding (see Questions 9, 12, and 27).

6. Can I apply to use a partner’s facility in my own country?

a. No if you are applying as a sole applicant; you must apply to use a facility outside of your own country.

b. Yes if you are applying as part of a group and the majority of other members of the group are based outside of your country in the European Research Area.

c. Please refer to the Project Manager for clarification of requirements and conditions.

7. Can research teams apply? If so, what is the maximum size of a team allowed?

Yes, research teams can apply, as well as sole applicants. The maximum size of a team allowed will depend on the BRISK partner that you plan to visit and its facilities. You will need to discuss and agree this with the host partner before completing the application form. Please remember the maximum travel and subsistence grant is 1400 Euros per visit for all the team. Only one application form should be completed.

8. Can I apply to visit more than one BRISK partner facility? For instance could I visit both Aston University in the UK, and CERTH in Greece to undertake pyrolysis research?

Yes. If you intend on conducting independent campaigns at each facility then it will be necessary to submit separate application forms. If the proposed research can be conducted only by visiting multiple sites (e.g. output from one campaign is a necessary input to another) then only one form is required.