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BRISK is funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities)


1. Gas Analysis – Tars, Sulphur Compounds, Particulates, Water, other species

This first BRISK Workshop/Topic Orientated Technical Meeting (TOTeM) was held alongside the 20th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition in Milan, June 2012. The scope of the content was broadened from analytical questions regarding just ‘tar’ to all questions regarding the analysis of gases from thermochemical conversion including elemental trace contaminants such as sulphur, alkali metals and chlorine which are highly relevant in synthesis gas applications. To download the presentations from this event, click on the links below.

Presentation numberTopicPresenter(s)


Welcome and Introduction.

Y. Neubauer (TU Berlin, Germany)


Tar measurement at VUT - Solvent Comparison.

Ute Wolfesberger-Schwabl (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)


Reflexions on the existing guideline (and EN) about the sampling and analysis of tar matter from product gas, pyrolysis gas and synthesis gas sampling on adsorbents.

Johannes Zeisler, Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria


Tar & (SPA) tar analysis.

Truls Liljedahl (KTH Stockholm, Sweden)


Tar analysis by Solid Phase Adsorption (SPA) associated with Thermal Desorption (TD) and Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis.

Eric Masson, Anthony Dufour (CNRS, Nancy, France)


Solid Phase Adsorption (SPA) method for tar. Analysis of heavy tars.

Sander Grootjes (ECN, Petten, Netherlands)


Introduction; description of needs (Parameters, application, type of task).

Serge Biollaz (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)


PSI toolbox regarding trace elements: Alkali, Cl, metals.

Serge Biollaz (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland)


SPA measurement for sulphur compounds: first results.

Sander Grootjes (ECN, Petten, Netherlands)


Analytical methods for LT-CFB Gasifiers (Analysis of Chlorine).

Helge Egsgaard, Zsuzsa Sárossy, Jesper Ahrenfeldt, Risø DTU, Roskilde, Denmark


The actual need of a guideline for sampling and analysis of chemical matter (not tars) from product gas, pyrolysis gas and synthesis gas.

Johannes Zeisler, Bioenergy2020+, Graz, Austria